Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Importance of Content Delivery Network in SEO

Content Delivery Networks Implementation for Search Ranking Optimization

Importance of Content Delivery Network in SEO

Impact of Content Delivery Networks on SEO:

With miles of up and down, user experience shows the gleam to survive taking a site to the front of
competitors with higher search ranking. And Site loading time is the key for better user experience.
Loading time is not only crucial for the site Optimization targeting potential users but also prime to
manipulate the search engines for higher ranking on SERPs.

CDNs, a queer word in the SEO world helps for higher search ranking with its page loading Optimization ability. As site speed is one of the salient ranking factors, most of the SEO Companies implement the CDN on their site. Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps in Optimizing the speed of the site and loads the page content with a higher speed.

Let’s check out CDN and its impact on SEO in detail.

What is CDN?
Normally, when the web page loads then its speed depends on the server location. If in case, servers are located in USA and web page is opened in India then it will take time for the page to load as the location of servers is far away. This creates a bad user experience and increases bounce rate for the site with a lower search ranking.

Content Delivery Network is a system having server worldwide which loads the content at a faster rate no matter what the location of its access is. It helps to reach millions of users within seconds. Thus creating a better user experience and improves the signals for ranking the web page higher in SERPs. In this prospect, SEO Service Providers may help you to have the leverage out of this powerful technology.

Points of presence (PoPs) or network of servers are the building blocks of CDNs, located in locus all over the world. When a user tries to access the content then based on its closest location the server loads the content within seconds. Thus it boosts the performance of the site being an important SEO Technique. Here are the key benefits of CDNs-

1. Help in high speed content loading for better user experience, especially for the mobile site.
2. Compress the images by reducing the size that helps for a better performance.
3. Optimize the session which results in reducing the number of connections on the web server.
4. Help in scaling when there is a heavy traffic on the site.
5. Boost the rankings and performance of the site.
6. Help in delivering the relevant and current content by following the process of content invalidation.

So ask your SEO Company to incorporate CDNs to their SEO Strategy for reaping all the above useful benefits.

Role of CDNs in SEO:

CDNs help in loading the content at a very high speed and site loading speed Higher site page loading time fuels web traffic that for better user experience and thus increases the overall usability of the site. Image Optimization is one of the important SEO factors for the site to load at a faster rate and CDNs is effective in optimizing the image size. These all helps in reducing the bounce rate of the site due to fast loading. Thus improves the ranking of the web pages in SERPs.

CDNs also contribute for the improvement of technical SEO Factors. It helps in showing the most recently updated content by purging the content even if the site is cached. It helps in enhancing the SEO efforts by using canonical headers. This avoids the problems of duplicate content issues on the site. Hence it is considered as one of the important and effective SEO Strategy.


By knowing the meaning and importance of CDN in SEO, add it to your site and increase the visibility and overall customer experience.